Welcome from Dean Jim Ryan

Dear Prospective Student,

                On behalf of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the participants of our 28th Annual Diversity Recruitment Program. At HGSE, we believe that every child—regardless of where that child is born, who his parents are, the color of her skin, whether he can see or hear, or whether she sleeps in a castle or shelter—deserves a high-quality education. And while all of us here—faculty, students, and staff—share that same fundamental belief, our ability to make progress towards that goal lies in the rich diversity of our community.

                This diversity can be seen in the multitude of ways we provide students with the best and most creative educational experiences in the country. We prepare students through innovative courses and modules, experiential internships, dynamic extracurricular activities, and collaborative research with faculty. We offer thirteen yearlong Master’s programs that prepare students for careers in every possible niche of the education sector, a three-year Doctor of Education Leadership program that integrates coursework across the University with varied residential experiences, and a Ph.D. in Education program that equips our students with an understanding of multiple perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems.

                Across all of these programs, the educational experience here at HGSE is strengthened by the differences among us—differences in backgrounds, identities, and beliefs. But the benefits of this diversity are not automatic. They require sustained work and sometimes difficult conversations. That’s why, four years ago, we launched a community-wide conversation focused on the theme of Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity. This conversation, which takes place both in and outside of the classroom, is designed to prepare our students to build and lead more diverse, equitable, and inclusive schools and organizations. This year, we chose to focus the conversation on two especially important issues facing education: racial equity and viewpoint diversity. And while our areas of focus may change in coming years, the conversation won’t end. HGSE is—and will always remain—deeply committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, vibrant, and supportive campus community. 

                The Diversity Recruitment Program is an integral and ongoing part of that commitment. I hope that these two days offer you the opportunity to learn more about our school and our community, and I look forward to welcoming many of you to our campus next fall.

James E. Ryan
Dean of the Faculty
Charles William Eliot Professor
Harvard Graduate School of Education